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Weissenborn Style Guide

Weissenborn Style Guide

Though historically, the differences between the Style 1-4 range of Weissenborns meant considerable difference both inside and out, we decided to keep things simple.

All our Weissenborn guitars share the same construction techniques and structural design, which is all about tone and stability.

  • Our tonewoods are selected for their superior tonal characteristics.
  • Our unique internal construction ensures structural integrity.
  • Each any every bracing is individually voiced -- every guitar brace carved by hand.

Whether you purchase a relatively plain Style 1, or the most ornate Style 4, all Richard Wilson Weissenborns are built with the same dedication and attention to detail.

Edge binding

  • Style 1 - No edge binding
  • Style 2 - Black binding on top and back edge
  • Style 3 - Rope binding on top edge
  • Style 4 - Rope binding on top, back and headstock edge


  • Style 1 - No binding, standard 5-dot inlay pattern
  • Style 2 - Maple binding, 12th fret diamond + 4-dot inlay pattern
  • Style 3 - Rope binding, 12th fret diamond + 7-dot inlay pattern
  • Style 4 - Rope binding, 12th fret diamond + 7-dot inlay pattern

Soundhole rosette

  • Style 1 - Concentric maple rings (3)
  • Style 2 - Rope rosette + Maple ring
  • Style 3 - Rope rosette + Maple ring
  • Style 4 - Rope rosette + Maple ring
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